In Hinze-sight, it’s a good dam
Rob Gaden

Make sure your gear has enough backbone to pull a rampaging bass out of this timber.

Hinze Dam is by no means a secret location. It has a long and decorated history of being known as a fantastic fishery, full of Aussie natives that are, on most occasions, more than willing to do their part and put a bend in a keen angler’s rod.

Australian bass to over 50cm, saratoga, golden perch, eel-tail catfish, Mary River cod all call this stunning dam home. While the numbers of bass make them the main target here, be sure to keep your polarized sunnies on and eyes peeled for a shot at a toga in the ‘hood, looking for a fight.

Originally constructed in 1976, Hinze Dam has had two further size upgrades – the first in 1989, and then again in 2011, to provide more water security for the Gold Coast below. As fishers, we’d like to think the dam was built purely for our own enjoyment. Alas, it’s actually a water supply to thousands of people.

This is where it becomes such a fantastic option for kayak fishos – there are no powerboats allowed! Electric or manually powered craft are permitted, but don’t offer you the access that a kayak can. Stealth can be a mighty weapon when sneaking through a bay looking for your next opportunity to cast.

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