Bonkers for barrel tuna
Wayne Diffey

These anglers put in the hard yards to pull up this whopper 116.5kg tuna.

Things have gone a little quiet along the local beaches lately with only a few small salmon being caught. There have been some very decent gummies caught off Johanna Beach at night; one local hooked into two gummies around 5ft long in the space of an hour. He was using a fresh salmon fillet on a running sinker rig.

Out wide there have still been good catches of gummies, snapper and flathead off the Bald Hill and Blanket Bay reefs in 40-50m of water. The gummies have been mainly caught on the change of the tide again using fresh salmon fillet or squid.

The southern bluefin tuna have been getting most of the attention out of Apollo Bay lately. Large schools of 10-20kg fish have been seen and many have been caught. Con from Hit-n-Run Charters has told me that they have quickly bagged out a few times now.

There have also been several fish weighing in at 88-94kg. The most recent barrel weighed in at 116.5kg. Most of the fish have been caught around the Nine-Mile and Eleven-Mile reefs off Cape Otway, and predominately on 8-10” skirts. Lumo green, black, purple and fluoro pink seem to be the best colours.

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