Canny anglers visit Cania Dam
Wayne Kampe

I’d heard about Cania Dam for around 20 years, first from my mentor Ted Clayton from my earliest photo journalism days, and when others mentioned Cania it was always the same theme – terrific toga, brawling bass, sensational silver perch and the scenery of Cania Gorge. While it sounded so enticing, this was an impoundment I hadn’t fished.

Bass were close to South Queensland, toga were in Borumba, the silvers a very occasional catch in Somerset Dam. In the last decade, barra have dominated a lot of fishing action. After a recent health issue that made me wake up, I resolved to get stuck into the fishing and we finally made the seven hour journey to Cania.

‘Rewarding’ doesn’t quantify the experience. There’s a lot more to fishing Cania Dam than simply the species of fish to be caught. The scenery was exceptional, as the impoundment is located in a wide gorge with huge buff coloured sandstone walls towering in various areas. While Borumba Dam with its rainforest setting is pretty special, the sight of those huge sandstone bluffs fairly glowing in the last hours of day is certainly not going to be forgotten.

An easy drive, a pleasant stay

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