Spring in your step for the start of summer
Eve Malone

As we move through the last of our spring into the summer months, some would say we’re in our prime fishing seasons of the year. With water temperatures warming nicely, and if the early catches are anything to go by, it should be a cracker season for the almighty mangrove jack.

Other shining stars showing their presence in our waters are of the pelagic kind. Marlin have shown out wide and on one of my last trips out, it was standing room only for the birds who were feeding off the mac tuna and mackerel runs, no more than a kilometre from the coast line. These are very exciting times ahead.

With barramundi off the fishing menu for a few months, it’s a natural progression to target jacks. They’re fierce fighters and excellent table fish. Mangrove jack will happily take well presented baits such as prawns, mullet and sprat both live and dead, or hardbodies and soft plastics. They’re predatory fish and unless they’re on the move, they’ll be holding hard to structure only moving to take the unlucky bait swimming past, or lucky in our case.

You’ll find them around any structure – rock walls, concealed rocks or timber, mangrove banks, bridge pylons and pontoons. Land and boating fishos have plenty of options to target them in both Calliope and the Boyne rivers, however the Boyne is starting to show signs of a great season ahead.

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